CL Browning Ranch

In Red Oak Canyon grows a diverse hardwood forest with Texas red oaks, post oaks (Quercus stellata), and cedar elm (Ulmus crassifolia). The deep fertile soils that still remain in the upper portions of this watershed indicate that this catchment has experienced less erosion than the other canyons, most likely a result of the gentle slopes and moderate change in elevation. The deep soils transition into a rocky boulder field in the lower portions of the watershed where some of the larger post oak trees on the ranch can be found. Several species of songbirds and small mammals have been observed utilizing the resources of this forested watershed.

Texas red oak (Quercus buckleyi).
In 1915, a two-story limestone house with basement was constructed in the southern portion of Red Oak Canyon watershed.In the spring of 1923, lightning struck the house, igniting a fire that consumed everything but the rock walls. The home was later remodeled into a one-story structure. Over the decades, the occupants established a peach orchard, vegetable garden, dairy cow/horse barn, chicken coops, and pig pens. In the 1940s, the creek course was diverted to create an 18-acre terraced field in which crops were grown for the livestock.

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Elevation Model of Red Oak Canyon.
Satellite Image of Red Oak Canyon.